Carson and MattyB
Carson (left) with MattyB (right) eating cookies.
Birth name Carson
Born May 30
Duluth, Georgia
Nationality American
Occupation Student
Carson (born May 30) is one of MattyBRaps's best friends who influenced him to become a rapper. He is from Duluth, Georgia.

Influence in MattyB

According to MattyB, Carson was one of MattyB's biggest supporters before he became famous and he told Matty that he should follow his dreams and become a rapper, stated in an interview for sports website

Carson in MattyB's vlogs

Carson was pictured in some of MattyB's Vlogs. Some of the Vlogs he was in were "Shake the Haters off," "MattyB and Carson ready for Snipe Hunting," "My first rap with Carson," among others. In vlog "My first rap with Carson," Carson explains that he encouraged Matty to become a rapper and at first they thought they were just going to do it for fun but then MattyB became famous.  MattyB has had sleepovers with Carson as mentioned in his vlogs and is one of his best friends.


Some videos of MattyB with Carson:

Young rapper Matty B chats with MLB

Young rapper Matty B chats with

During the middle of the interview MattyB describes Carson encouragement.

My First Rap With Carson

My First Rap With Carson

Video of MattyB and Carson explaining Carson's encouragement for Matty to become a rapper.